MasterChef Australia Dazzles on Opening Night

Julie Goodwin was crowned as the first MasterChef of Australia as a record-breaking 4.1 million viewers watched on last year. This year thousands of passionate cooks from all over Australia applied for the second series, hoping to emulate Julie’s win. Back with much more exhilaration and excitement, MasterChef Australia is back to entertain like never before. The challenges this year will be much bigger, with intense competition and higher expectations.

Last night the show aired to nearly 1.7 million viewers. From thousands of applications the first episode began with the top 50. People from all different occupations, from stay-at-home mums, students, lawyers, doctors, accountants and engineers, all making it through because for their love of food. However, amongst all the new faces, the three astounding judges, remain the same, Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris – award – winning and respected chefs and restaurateurs, as well as Matt Preston – one of the worlds’ most acclaimed food critics.

The challenge of the second series, episode one began with the challenge of cooking a dish using the BBQ, and any of the available ingredients in the MasterChef pantry. From this challenge, 40 were to make it through to the next episode and the least impressive 10 were to face the pressure test. From the dishes put forward, there were a lot of impressive dishes as well as a lot of strange combinations and some contestants who really needed to pull up their socks if they wanted to stay.

Tweeter users were sending tens & thousands of tweets about MasterChef making the show more interactive for them.